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PAS 2060 is related to achieving carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality means you are not adding new GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions into the atmosphere. If carbon emissions continue, they must be offset using verified carbon offsetting initiatives.  The PAs 2060 standard is a carbon neutral certification that demonstrates an organisations commitment to reducing carbon emissions and its carbon footprint. PAS 2060 was published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2010 and enables individuals, businesses, and organisations to demonstrate their carbon neutrality claims are verified by a certification body.

While companies can calculate their carbon footprint and purchase carbon credits, the BSI carbon standard provides a framework for certification and accuracy. This is becoming more and more important as companies and governments are looking into carbon reduction and moving towards becoming carbon neutral or producing net zero emissions by 2050.

The PAS 2060 verification helps businesses because it substantiates claims that your business is carbon neutral. Claims by organisations that they are a ‘carbon neutral’ business are not always legitimate, which can bring skepticism. The BSI carbon neutral certification removes this skepticism and verifies that your business is carbon neutral through a detailed carbon management plan.

You can read more about BSI PAS 2060 and how our team at Auditel helps you get certified here: