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Auditel are

Carbon Footprint & Carbon Reduction Consultants

Delivering Carbon Management Solutions to Reduce your Emissions and Costs

In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to becoming Carbon Neutral and achieving Net Zero emission targets. This is where our carbon consultants can help you.


Auditel is a team of carbon footprint consultants who help organisations like yours reduce their carbon emissions and costs at the same time. Our net zero carbon consultants and carbon footprint experts help our clients on their journey towards Net Zero by simplifying the process. We begin with a couple of easy steps, which could lead you to be verified as Carbon Neutral within 12 months, to an internationally recognised standard. Using our procurement expertise we make sure any action taken to improve your environmental credentials have a strong and potentially self-funding business case because we truly believe that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to cost the Earth.


With the UK Government’s commitment to a low carbon world and net zero targets by 2050, the drive to carbon neutrality and achieving net zero is dominating organisations’ future decision-making. However, many organisations believe the changes that they will have to make to achieve net zero carbon emissions will be time-consuming, costly and with all the conflicting information, a little daunting. This is far from the truth, as there are many incentives to help businesses become greener and leaner without costing the earth.

Using Auditel’s simple 4 step process (shown below), our experienced carbon neutral consultants can help your organisation demystify and provide clarity to this complex subject of achieving net zero. Our carbon management consulting services deliver expert guidance and resources so you can achieve an NQA or BSI recognised specification for carbon neutrality (PAS 2060) as soon as possible, while you progress on the longer-term net zero journey.

Auditel’s 4 Step Process to PAS 2060 Verification 

Measure, Reduce, Offset, Verify  

Auditel’s Carbon Management Consulting Services

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) was introduced in 2019, as legislation to replace the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Scheme. SECR requires obligated companies to report on their energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions within their financial reporting for Companies House.

Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures.

Carbon Footprint Reporting (CFR)
A credible CFR that meets PAS 2060 specification must meet certain professional standards. Producing a poor-quality CFR can put your brand at risk. With our consulting team, your CFR will be prepared in line with all the requirements of the BSI PAS 2060 specification. Accounting for emissions helps identify reduction opportunities, increases materials & energy efficiency and aids in the development of new products and services that reduce the carbon impacts.

Carbon Reduction Planning (CRP)
Effective carbon reduction planning will deliver cost savings to your business by putting in place a short, medium, and long-term strategy to reduce your Greenhouse Gas emissions. Our approach will prioritise these projects with fully costed business cases. Where capital investment is required, alternative funding sources will be considered. These include effective procurement reviews of other cost areas to release cash flow or by hepling you tap into the ever-expanding sources of green funding. Auditel then ensure you can measure the outcome of the initiatives you’ve completed. This is an important part of the requirements of the PAS2060 certification.

Carbon Offset Purchasing

Once practical emission reduction has occurred, you might want to consider the purchase of carbon offsets from a provider of high-quality voluntary carbon offset projects. Auditel’s understanding of this fast-moving marketplace combined with almost 30 years of procurement experience will ensure you acquire the right Carbon Credits at the right price.

PAS 2060 Verification
If you decide you want to gain formal verification of your carbon neutral claims, then PAS 2060 carbon neutral verification is next and Auditel will assist you all the way. This includes the preparation of your Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES), price comparisons and selection from different verification bodies and finally, marketing assistance to get the most from your achievement of carbon neutrality.

How can our carbon consultants help you

“ Do you want know about becoming Carbon Neutral to PAS 2060?”

“Do you want a carbon footprint report for your business?”

“Want to know how to use procurement to fund your Carbon journey?”

“Do you want to buy a BSI PAS 2060 Specification?”

Our history

A pedigree spanning twenty seven years.

Founded in 1994, Auditel was established to help organisations make effective and informed procurement decisions within a rapidly evolving energy market. Since then, we’ve built a strong network of over 100 procurement and carbon consultants and are now one of the leading Cost, Procurement and Carbon Solution Companies in the UK. Auditel’s procurement and carbon footprint consultants work alongside your existing Finance, Operational and Procurement teams providing the external guidance your organisation requires.

We help our clients on their journey to Net Zero without the usual associated costs, for many it is self-funding and for some its actually profitable. We deliver solutions that will enable your organisation to achieve independent accreditation of carbon neutrality.

By combining the expertise of our Carbon Strategy Group with our experience in cost management, and partnering with British Standards Institute, we are assisting clients towards currently the only internationally recognised standard, PAS2060.

On completion and verification, they will be able to brand their business as Carbon Neutral on all documentation and marketing collateral. As well as the obvious benefits, this will also help with bid requirements, regulations and assisting their customers on their own Net Zero journey.

How Auditel’s Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions
combine to be potentially self-funding & profit enhancing

carbon consultants graphic
carbon neutral
The Challenges

Are your suppliers helping reduce your carbon footprint and emissions

In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to achieving Net Zero. With the UK firmly embedded in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which disruptive technologies and trends are changing the way we live and work, the need for an organisation’s procurement function to embrace new ideas and technologies within their supply chain has never been greater.

It is not uncommon when we first engage with an organisation that they believe that their procurement is under control, and any improvements we could achieve would be insignificant and not worth pursuing. Many organisations believe that ‘as long as the spend is within budget and the supplier is delivering in accordance with the contract and service level agreement, then all is well.’

This is a natural response and we fully understand this initial reaction. However, without independent benchmarking and validation of pricing, service level arrangements and now the impact that supplier has on your Carbon Footprint,  it’s impossible to know if you are receiving value for money or have the right supplier to help you achieve your carbon reduction plans.

From our 27 years of experience, working with thousands of clients, organisations are typically over-paying for goods and services by up to 50% whilst missing out on innovation. If addressed, this can have a dramatic reduction on your Carbon Footprint and the profitability of your organisation’s.

pillars of support

How our carbon experts are able to make a significant difference to your organisation

When engaging with Auditel, we bring the following five pillars of support and expertise to enable our clients to strengthen their procurement & decarbonisation function and make a difference.


Dedicated resource that adds considerable weight to your current procurement & sustainability team


Detailed procurement and decarbonisation knowledge of what best value looks like and how to achieve it, whilst delivering low carbon innovation


Hand-picked procurement specialists negotiating on your behalf, who have long careers working in over 100 different expenditure areas


Unique carbon foot  printing and procurement  analytical tools that make  sense of complex data – allowing you to make  informed decisions

Buying Power

Access to serious  buying power due to  supplier relationships  and unique pricing  frameworks exclusive  to Auditel

our people

Trusted Carbon and Procurement Specialists

Our high-calibre carbon and procurement specialists have come from a broad range of professions, commerce and industry, providing our clients with access to an unrivalled level of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Working to verified standards – An Auditel Ethos

At Auditel we believe that ANY claims made regarding GHG emissions (Carbon Footprint) needs to stand up to the closest of scrutiny. With an increasing demand from consumers, investors, media, staff, and the public for accurate and meaningful measurement of an organisations carbon footprint, it has never been more important to ensure our clients can trust in our work.

All member firms of Auditel are required to have every Carbon Footprint Report they produce verified as an accurate and true reflections of the subjects emissions. This internal verification process will assess the inventory work and subsequent report content, based on either PAS2060:2014, PPN 06/21 or ISO 14064-1 requirements.

All internal verification will be carried out to ISO 14064-3 standards by a financially independent arm of the Auditel network. This will be another member firm with no financial interest in the project being verified.

With every Auditel Carbon Inventory & Report having a separate Verifiers Statement following this stringent internal review process, you can trust in the work we produce and stand tall in a world increasingly plagued by false or misleading environmental claims.

At Auditel, we believe that a small investment of time and money at the early stages of your carbon journey to ensure accurate reporting, will deliver long term benefit and reduced risk as the world’s media increasingly holds us all to account for our environmental claims.

Carbon Reduction and Cost Reduction

Our carbon footprint consultants have been hand-picked to join Auditel due to their lifetime of experience gained during senior careers within their chosen area of expertise. We understand our clients business challenges, having worked in their sector implementing thousands of similar projects over the last 27 years.

Our consultants really know what ‘best value’ looks like and can uncover opportunities to decarbonise, reduce costs, improve supplier service & quality, and deliver innovation into your supply chain. Our knowledge and understanding of the supplier markets provide you with an enhanced negotiating position and by using our bespoke analytical tools and tendering processes, we can deliver impressive results quickly, with limited disruption or input needed by you and your staff.

Negotiating from a position of knowledge, our specialists will help you avoid any contractual pitfalls that would disadvantage your organisation. Having supply-side expertise on your team ensures that any contracts that are put in place between you and your suppliers will be reviewed in detail, to safeguard your organisation from unfair clauses and protect you from unjustified price rises.

During the implementation process, our specialists, who will be working alongside your employees, will ensure they are fully trained and supported in dealing with the supplier – eradicating maverick spend and holding suppliers to account, whilst adhering to the agreed prices and service levels.

Buying Leverage

Serious buying leverage

Helping our clients to innovate within their supply chain is in our DNA. We have helped thousands of organisations accelerate their business performance by utilising our knowledge, expertise and our impressive buying power.

We have nurtured exclusive relationships with a wide range of national and local suppliers across 100+ different areas of expenditure, thereby building up an impressive buying leverage due to the combined spend of all our clients.

Suppliers that work with Auditel understand that if they maintain a competitive price and adhere to service levels agreements, it is likely to lead to further opportunities from other Auditel clients. This means you can gain access to our unique pricing frameworks that would be unattainable if negotiating by yourself, resulting in the best value for money while remaining completely independent and impartial. The synergy this creates allows us to provide powerful solutions to your business challenges.

Suppliers enjoy working with Auditel because we are aligned with their tendering process. We can clearly present our clients’ profile of spend and service level requirements, while also being aware of the innovation or valued added service that suppliers can provide. This enables the supplier to give their most competitive price because there are no unknowns in the tendering process, ensuring that our clients get the best deals over the longest term.

Our procurement specialists act as the conduit between you and the supplier, ensuring a smooth implementation and eradicating wasted time for both parties. We work hard to ensure that the supplier relationships result in a ‘win-win’ for both you and the supplier and we deal with both in a transparent, fair and ethical way.

Our suppliers also take an active part in training and sharing their own knowledge and expertise with our procurement specialists, who, in turn, pass it on to you, so that you can be sure you’re always up-to-date with the latest innovations and solutions.

our process

Independent, impartial, transparent

Auditel delivers significant added value for our clients at each phase of our engagement. Our end-to-end process enables us to ensure that we understand the needs of our clients and find the best value solutions to implement. Our unique process is simple to follow, and importantly, we provide the resources to do the work at each step.

Experts at managing change

Once engaged, we will work with your operational teams to understand your requirements and identify any risks within your supply chain. This ensures that the suppliers we tender are a perfect match with your future business strategy. The more precise we can be with suppliers during the tendering process, the more competitive they will be with their pricing.

Using our bespoke tools, we will conduct a forensic line-by-line analysis of your data to uncover anomalies, patterns of spending and behaviours that were previously unknown. These can then be challenged and corrected to maximise savings and process efficiencies.

Your organisation gains access to our market knowledge, which comes from live data reporting across thousands of tenders. This enables us to quickly judge the competitiveness and quality of any incumbent suppliers. It also allows us to short-list potential alternatives in a fraction of the time it would take you to research independently. Our initial investigations of your past invoices and contracts, ensures that any overcharges are identified, and any rebates from your suppliers are recovered.

Ongoing supplier relationship management

As part of our process we implement professional supplier relationship management to help align your suppliers with your organisation’s aims and objectives. Proactively managing your relationships with suppliers will result in improved communication and innovation from them, which in turn, can help you reach your operational objectives and maximise value from the supplier over the full course of a contract.

Identified savings found during the tendering process can often be eroded very quickly by several internal and external influences. Suppliers will naturally be looking at ways to increase margin on the account, and/or internal staff may make mistakes or fail to follow the procurement processes we have put in place. We are fully aware of these supplier tactics and challenges, and are experts at avoiding these dangers and ensuring realised savings are delivered or exceeded.