We've collated our top 7 cost considerations
to maximise success during the lifting period of lockdown.



It's time to control the cost gate as many of the traditional costs
try to creep back into your business whilst lockdown is gradually lifted.



We've collated our top 7 cost considerations
to maximise success during the lifting period of lockdown.

Releasing cash flow through

effective procurement

to drive growth

In the currently challenging economic climate, organisations are constantly battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst ensuring that they are investing in the right technologies and receiving value for money from their suppliers.

From our experience, we recognise that it is not financially feasible for organisations to employ full-time procurement specialists across the full spectrum of goods and services that can be purchased.

These challenges culminate in non-purchasing trained employees making significant purchasing decisions without the tools or knowledge of the supplier market. This puts them at a huge disadvantage when negotiating with suppliers that have a very clear understanding of the real costs and the margins built into contracts.

When engaged at the right time, such as when negotiating prices and contracts with suppliers, independent external help that works alongside your existing operational teams, can level the playing field thereby ensuring you achieve the very best value for money from your suppliers.

Let us strengthen your negotiating position

Auditel’s procurement specialists work alongside your existing Finance, Operational and Procurement teams, providing the external help your organisation requires, delivering business transformation and a competitive advantage. This is due to our vast expertise and detailed knowledge of suppliers, and which of them can deliver innovation and services at the most competitive prices.

Who we are

About Auditel

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Logistics, Transport & Travel
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Expertise on demand

Auditel has expertise in many different areas of expenditure which we have broken down into these cost groups. This means that we can advise you on new innovative products, services, policies and processes that can eradicate profit leaks and deliver a significant competitive advantage.


We cover all industry

sectors and cost areas

Our high-calibre procurement specialists have come from a broad range of professions, commerce and industry, providing our clients with access to an unrivalled level of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Regardless of which industry sector you are in, whether it’s; manufacturing, charity, retail, financial services, or education, our independent analysis unlocks cash, that once identified, will be redirected back into your control.