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Wrekin Products Ltd is pleased to have joined forces with their new Carbon Partner, Auditel to deliver on their long-term strategy of reaching Net Zero.

Wrekin Products is a leading supplier of civil engineering products, including access solutions and geosynthetics. Their mission is to make every day better, and their journey has been marked by innovation and a commitment to putting customer relationships at the heart of their business. This has propelled them to the forefront of the civil engineering landscape, supplying the UK’s leading water utilities, local authorities and main contractors with critical civil engineering solutions.

Our Net Zero Vision

Terry Moore, Head of QHSE Wrekin Products  comments, “We design, develop, manufacture and supply class-leading product solutions to the civil engineering industry. We feel a duty of care to do this in a safe and responsible way. We’re keenly aware of our responsibility to the environment, our employees, customers and members of our community. Our solutions offer significant environmental benefits through the carbon reductions they bring, and we aim for our overall business’s environmental footprint to be as minimal as possible while ensuring we remain sustainable.

Working with Auditel is critical to our success. As leaders in cost, procurement and carbon solutions, their expertise is critical to us. By undertaking a thorough audit of our existing situation, we will be able to come up with appropriate and meaningful measures, that meet the needs of the business without impacting on what makes Wrekin unique. The construction market is going through and has gone through significant changes. The buildings and construction sector is by far the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for a staggering 37% of global emissions. We have a duty of care to our environment, employees, customers and wider community to do what we can. We’re pleased to see growing requirements on major construction projects for meaningful activities around carbon reduction and we’re eager to play our part. We’ve actively introduced a number of schemes and activities already but we’re keen to have significant ambitions and lead within our sector.”

Julie Adams, Carbon Auditor at Auditel added, “We are delighted to be working with Wrekin Products. They are a market leader supplying class-leading product solutions to the civil engineering industry and they are once again leading the way on their journey to Net Zero. We look forward to continuing working with the team and their supply chain to help them achieve deliver on their Net Zero vision.”

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