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Last week we recognised World Water Day, and people around the planet turned their attention to this increasingly expensive commodity which is also an important environmental resource. However, businesses often overlook water as an important resource, and cost, to be managed.

How can Auditel help?

Auditel are specialists in finding efficiencies and water is no exception.

With the water market now deregulated, businesses can often find lower rates from alternative suppliers. However, like other utilities, comparing offers is a minefield. Auditel can help identify the best deal for your company and co-ordinate the analysis and changeover process.

Water drops from a tap

In addition, the water industry has not been under the same scrutiny as some of the other utilities. Historic over-charging and inaccurate billing remains an area that requires vigilance. This takes time and expertise that Auditel can provide.

Reducing water usage is sustainability in action and by far the most effective way of making savings. There are many ways of using less, from adaptation of equipment (see below) to cultural change, all of which Auditel can help with. Cultural change is one of the biggest ways that firms can improve their efficiency; it is low cost and high return, so can be bundled with other cost areas such as electricity and gas and waste.

The Auditel approach

  1. We start by auditing – we check your bills and metering
  2. Next, we measure the water mass balance – what is coming in and what is going out
  3. Then we look to identify saving areas – eg leaks and primary usage activities
  4. Next, we implement strategy – fix leaks, add new technology, and support cultural change
  5. Finally, we review and continue to monitor the impact of the changes

Remember it’s not just about cost. Even in the rainy UK, with one of the highest water usages per capita vs rainfall levels in the world, we are never far away from technical drought. Though efforts to contain leakage and waste by water companies help, we all have a responsibility to the country and the environment to be more efficient.

Equipment efficiency

There are lots of ways of ensuring water isn’t wasted, from new devices to retrofitting. Consideration can be given to the following:

  • Efficient flushing mechanisms (toilets are the biggest use of water in many businesses)
  • Waterless urinals
  • Flushing Controls (infrared/timed)
  • Cistern camels
  • Aerating taps and showers
  • Rainwater harvesting – for flushing, gardens, vehicle washing

Contact usRegardless of where you are in your water efficiency journey, our consultants are happy to help you move to the next level.

Article by: Chris Barrett