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When do business leaders say ‘Yes’? When they have a reason to…

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Adam Gillett

I recently went through an acquisition process, having completed several months of due diligence, SWOT, and cost-benefit analyses. Ultimately, there was something of a leap of faith and we made the acquisition – a small Jack Russel called Millie.

Training has been very high on our list of priorities, so our new addition grows into the type of companion we would want for the next 12 years or so. Being the one who has completed the majority of the training I have noticed that dogs, like business people, will rarely do something unless they have a logical reason to do so, and at 8 weeks of age this is clearly an instinct that has been prevalent in Millie from an early point. A reason to take action, or a reason to say ‘yes’ to my request is usually food driven in my puppy example, but in the commercial world, there are clearly other drivers, although the parallel remains valid.

In seriousness though, when we meet with business leaders as prospective clients, we know there is a strong chance that they will say yes to our Auditel service – and why wouldn’t they?

Our approach is driven by an absolute focus on listening to the client’s objectives, and making our process as transparent as possible by walking through our proposed actions step-by-step. Clearly though, this is not enough in itself to make commercially focussed Company Directors engage our services.

The areas of expenditure we review for our clients can sometimes slip ‘under their radar’, can be time consuming to manage effectively, or can require expertise that the organisation cannot source internally. Furthermore, in many instances clients perform periodic cost reviews rather than maintaining effective perpetual control over each of the expenditure categories we manage on their behalf – and the list is extensive. Even in circumstances where clients manage these costs independently, they are still subject to the time requirement to complete this ongoing review, and in many cases cannot achieve the rates or terms that Auditel can secure efficiently on their behalf. Added to this is the fact that the Auditel service is designed to be completely self-funding, whilst leaving the client in a stronger position as a result. It is therefore clear, that by engaging Auditel, the client can only win in the short-term, and continue to win going forward by having their costs continuously reviewed and scrutinised by industry professionals.

Our clients recognise this and see the Auditel proposal as low risk, and very often as a ‘no brainer’.

For us, growth and development are ultimately driven though providing clients with a reason to say ‘yes’ and the Auditel offering gives business leaders a logical, sound, and commercial reason to say ‘yes’.

In the meantime, I will continue to to encourage Millie that it is her interests to come back when called in the park…..