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Waste & Recycling

Are you surprised by the cost of commercial waste collection?

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Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

As a homeowner, you pay your council tax, put your bins out and that’s that. So, it can be quite a shock when, as a business owner, you have to pay someone directly to provide you with waste collection services.

What does it cost?

Every business creates waste and even if all you need is a weekly wheelie bin collection that can still cost you around £2.50 per week or £140 per year. And that’s towards the bottom end of the spectrum. If you only need one bin waste collection could be more like £350 a year.

Larger bins cost even more. A 1100 litre wheeled bin could be costing you over £2000 – and that’s just to empty it. Purchasing the bin (from £250-500) and cleaning it when required also add up.

Monitor your output

To get value for money from your waste collection you first need to know what waste you have to collect. Tracking waste production allows you:

  • to identify where waste is being produced
  • to identify your collection needs

Once you have an idea of what you are throwing away you can take steps to minimise waste, such as using tablet computers instead of printouts or encouraging the use of reusable coffee cups.

You can also negotiate a better waste collection regime so that bins that fill up slowly are emptied less frequently and thus, you can reduce the cost per annum for your refuse bill.

If you’re ready to take the next step in exploring the potential for your business? Then contact me and we can talk.

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