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Watch the final part of this webinar series delivered in conjunction with NQA on a step by step guide to becoming Carbon Neutral.


Please feel free to download the slides here.

For organisations to finalise their journey towards verified carbon neutrality (PAS 2060) they must prepare for verification of their work so far.

This includes the decision on how to be verified under PAS 2060 and the commercial considerations on the benefits of having independent verification by a suitably qualified verification body such as NQA.

This video explores these decisions alongside the providing real life insight from the experience of undertaking verification to PAS 2060.

Your host, Huw Williams from Auditel discusses the below:

  • Why be independently verified?
  • How to prepare for verification
  • Data Accuracy
  • An insight into the process
  • What makes a good Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES)

About your host

Huw Williams is one of Auditel’s fifty strong Carbon Solutions team.

A qualified Carbon consultant trained to deliver PAS 2060:2014 with certificates from the Green House Gas Protocol in Scope 3 carbon accounting and reporting, he is also a NQA partner, BSI Associate Consultant and has worked with many organisations to calculate their carbon footprint and to write their carbon reduction plans.

As part of Auditel’s training team, Huw is also a regular trainer on Carbon Solutions for Welsh Chambers of Commerce.

He has 30 plus years’ experience in sales and operations having worked in OEM manufacturing and has experience in high level project management and training.