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Value for Money

By 23rd March 2015No Comments

Check that you are getting a good deal for your telecommunications.

Telecommunications are the life-blood of every organisation. For early years providers it’s vital to be able to contact parents and staff, maintain security systems and access the online resources required for a successful business. At the same time it is essential to review your costs continually. Last year BT increased the rental cost for a Business Line by over 5% – double the Retail Price Index. Keep the following in mind:

Maintain flexibility

Avoid long-term contracts (not more than 12 months for landlines and 24 months for mobiles). Make sure they do not roll over automatically.

Check call charges

Cheap headline rates for landline and mobile calls often hide more expensive tariffs for 08nn/0870, Premium Rate numbers and International calls. Check for minimum duration/set-up charges. Directory Enquiry calls are particularly expensive.


Ensure that you understand the charges for data on mobiles and other devices, and how to manage it; look carefully at texting and other social media services, which can eat into your allowances.

Added services

Check carefully your requirements for additional services, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice
Mail (on mobiles).


Understand your requirements and how data is used by your setting; check that you have the right connectivity to your computer network; make sure that you can back up your data efficiently using one of the cloud-based services.

Bundled Services

Many suppliers offer integrated solutions across different platforms (unified communications); compare the cost of these with the stand-alone offerings.


Engage a third party to help you to configure your services and integrate them with IT. Keep up-to-date with changes in technology; these often generate cost savings.


Carry out an annual health check to make sure that the services you are using are still required, that tariffs haven’t increased and that you are making good use of current technology.

The article “Value for Money” was first published in Teach Nursery Magazine.