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Utility Companies making millions from Utility Audits

By 15th February 2011February 15th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Adrian Burton

An article appeared in the Utility weekly dated the 11 February about Thames water identyfing millions of pounds owed to them following an audit identifying 3,000 homes to date that have not been billed.

In the second week of an amnesty 644 homes came forward to say they had not received a recent bill. Thames have in the case of these customers stated they will not have to pay back dated bills.

However, they still have 2,367 homes on record that are still being investigated and in the event that Thames find they should have been billed the law allows for the water company to reclaim back up to 6 years of non payment.

At the moment Thames aims to complete the project by the end of March and could find upto 20,000 homes that have been unbilled, as the average price of a Thames water bill is £300 per year this could increase their coffers dramatically.

The important things for businesses out of this story is to be watchful of your bills it is not just domestic properties that do not receive bills. Auditel on a regular basis come across companies who move into new premises and months down the line no water bill or energy bill has been received. This is just building up a big problem down the line as more and more utility companies are carrying out these type of audits.

So just take a moment to check if energy bills are coming in for all your meters and that you are receiving water bills, better to face the issue now than to build up a big problem later.