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Unified Communication is a system that leads to increased productivity by integrating multiple methods of communication within a business. This includes instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, calendars, online team chats and more.

Businesses are always seeking out a competitive advantage and in this digital age, unified communication gives the advantage of being able to communicate in real time and adapt quickly in response to change.

What are the specific benefits of universal communication?

  • Increased Productivity. Unified communication enables smarter working. Productivity often plateaus in an organisation despite your best efforts to diversify. Unified communication is a great way of lifting this productivity. Teams become able to work on documents collaboratively in real time and share ideas without waiting for emails to go backwards and forwards.
  • Agile Working. To remain ahead of competitors, organisations need to be agile. A digital service enables a high level of agility as people can respond quickly to industry changes and business expansion. Unified communication means that there is a smooth flow of information and real-time communication.
  • Flexible Working. Unified communication means that people do not need to be in an office environment to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues. This allows for a better work/life balance and meets the demands of today’s busy lives. Reducing the time spent travelling into the office can also offer increased productivity.
  • Money saving. A cloud based phone system which uses the internet saves money on landline and phone network bills. It also means that there is no hardware to maintain or manage. Having one provider, one contract and one bill makes life easier and less expensive.

With all these benefits to your business, will you now consider Unified Communication for your company?

If you’re ready to take the next step in exploring the potential for your business? Then contact me and we can talk.

Article by: Paul Strachan