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ULC Technologies is delighted to have joined forces with their Carbon Partner, Auditel, to help deliver their objective of becoming Carbon Neutral while on their longer-term journey to reaching Net Zero.

Philip Pearson, Head of UK Field Operations comments,  “At ULC Technologies, we are passionate about using innovative technology to solve problems. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve made it our mission to help utilities, energy companies & the industrial sector.

From our cutting-edge robotic systems for pipeline inspection and maintenance, to our advanced software solutions for data analysis and management, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services to clients.

Currently, we are working to develop the next generation of robotics and technology utilizing AI & machine learning that will operate across a broader range of market segments such as renewables and construction to support net-zero goals, improve safety and minimize costs.

Over the last decade, ULC Technologies (previously known as ULC Robotics) has worked with gas utility companies providing live gas main inspection and remediation services.  Our CISBOT robot has sealed over 50,000 joints in cast-iron gas mains to date eliminating leaks and ensuring our Nation’s gas infrastructure is in good condition for many decades to come.

We are often called on to remediate gas mains in high-traffic areas [such as Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Kings Road & The Strand] where it is essential to minimize disruption to local businesses and to ensure traffic flow isn’t badly impacted.

Past and present CISBOT remediation projects have significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Further projects will continue to deliver substantial reductions particularly on busy roads which are selected as a priority.

In addition, ULC Technologies now deploys mobile solar-powered operation cabins to each site. These are equipped with on-board battery storage to power the CISBOT remediation robot, cameras and screens used by the ULC Technologies team at each location.

Future environmental projects will also see ULC Technologies invest in new electric crew vehicles in the UK while taking on board recommendations from Auditel about other ways of reducing our Carbon Footprint.”