Expertise : Transport

Transport Sector Top Tips

Conduct an energy audit

Taking regular meter readings and comparing consumption over a number of months is a good idea. Better still ask an Auditel energy management consultant to do it for you.

Convert to high efficiency lighting

Convert to high efficiency lighting in warehousing and large storage areas. Installing new high frequency fluorescent lighting extends lamp life and can often reduce consumption by around 25%.

Switch off computers

Make sure that staff switch off computers at night and over the weekends, their energy consumption can be reduced by 75% per year.

Review warehouse and office heating cycles

Use zonal heating to allow it to be adjusted for each area. Areas such as storerooms and corridors, or areas where there is a high level of physical activity, require less heat.

Ensure boilers are regularly serviced

Ensure your boilers are regularly serviced. Heating costs can increase by 30% or more if the boiler is poorly operated or maintained.

Telecoms services

Understand the telecoms services that your organisation has and how much they cost. Audit all lines you have for usage.

Develop a procurement policy

Putting one in place for future purchasing decisions could lead to immediate savings.

Calculate fuel cost accurately

To avoid operator error, consider systems that provide automatic mileage download and will detect common errors.

Fuel or energy champion

Encourage staff buy-in by introducing a fuel champion or energy champion who will motivate staff.

Develop healthy competition

Develop healthy competition amongst drivers, office and warehouse operatives by setting targets and league tables for efficiency savings in key cost areas.