Expertise : Transport

Transport Facts and Figures

Warehouse costs

Heating and lighting are the two largest cost areas for warehouses.

“Greenest” mass transport

Shipping is the “greenest” mass transport.

The largest container ship

The largest container ship can carry containers which would hold 746 million bananas. This would be about one banana for every person in Europe.

Container cargo

Approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide is transported by container.

UK shipping GDP

In the United Kingdom, shipping accounts for more of the GDP than restaurants, takeaway food, and civil engineering combined.

Scottish cod fillets

It’s less expensive to ship Scottish cod 10,000 miles away to China to be filleted and then sent back to Scotland than it is to pay Scottish filleters to do the job.

Air cargo

Air cargo represents less than 0.5 percent of the weight of all international cargo, but represents ca. 30 percent of the total worldwide shipment value.

Oil prices

Oil prices have risen five-fold since the millennium resulting in a focus on green initiatives.

Domestic carbon emissions

22% of domestic carbon emissions come from transport.

Electric vehicles

The UK has a 1.7m target for electric vehicles by 2020.

Curvier lorries

Curvier lorries that save fuel could be on our roads within the next few years. Forecasts predict up to 25% less fuel than a conventional 40-tonne semitrailer.