Expertise : Schools & Colleges

Top Tips for Schools and Colleges

Make a commitment to reduce carbon emissions

Publish this commitment in the school ethos and policies and educate staff and pupils to turn off water and energy using appliances when they are not in use!

Upgrade heating controls

Reducing the temperature in a building by 1°C will save 5-10% of the heating bill. Operating heating systems for 1 hour less per day will save a similar amount.

Use energy efficient lighting

Lighting accounts for around half of the electricity in a typical school. Install lighting sensors in areas, which are infrequently used.

Water economy

A school that is equipped with water conservation devices may use less than half the amount of water used in other schools.


Schools and colleges often make lots of calls to parents’ mobile phones from landlines. Savings of up to 80% can be made.

Broadband providers

Consider a specialist school provider who can help you deal with issues such as BOYD (Bring your own device).


Make sure you are getting the right deal. Outsourcing to professional school caterers can actually make your school or college money if managed correctly.

Fire equipment

The maintenance cost of this essential safety kit is regularly overlooked. There are often significant savings to be made.

Print Management

Schools often waste enormous amounts of money due to poor print management. Make sure you have a cost effective print management strategy in place.


Pay careful attention to the details of contracts and make sure you know the true cost of leasing and the difference between hire and lease agreements.