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The Department for Education says:

“The basic rules of procurement aim to ensure that public funds are spent openly and fairly, and make the most of every budget.”

“The benefits of effective procurement practices include financial savings that can then be re-invested in your priorities for driving up standards”

“The Government has pledged to make this the ‘greenest government ever’, with far- reaching plans to protect the natural environment, tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability – procurement plays a key part in that.”

Schools in numbers

According to the department of education, there are about 24,600 schools, 3,444 academies and 2,600 independent schools.

Energy, catering and back office

Although schools and Academies spend most of their money on education staff, they collectively spend approximately £9.2bn on other areas including energy, catering and back office.

Rising costs

Current school energy costs are estimated to increase to £652m per year, and this is predicted to rise still further.

Pupils per teacher

Research suggests that the average number of pupils per teacher at local authority maintained schools in England was 17.2. There is one teacher for every 9.4 pupils in independent schools.

Guaranteed funding

For 2012-13, the national average guaranteed unit of funding for schools in England is £5,082.54 per pupil


All schools are subject to public standards of accountability.