Expertise : Restaurants

Restaurant Top Tips

Switch to energy saving lighting

Expensive Tungsten halogen spot lighting is commonly found in restaurants. Savings can be achieved by using 35W bulbs with an infrared reflective coating (IRC) instead of the standard 50W bulbs.

Turn down the thermostat in your restaurant

A 1°C reduction in temperature will hardly be noticed and can shave 7% off your energy bills. Consider fitting thermostatic radiator valves.

Have boilers serviced regularly

A regularly serviced boiler can save as much as 10% on annual heating costs. Boilers, hot water tanks, pipes and valves should be insulated to prevent heat escaping.

Make sure refrigeration temperatures are set appropriately

Refrigeration temperatures set 1°C too low can increase running costs by 2-4%.

Keep ventilation systems clean

Ventilation units and extractor hood grease filters should be cleaned out regularly. Cleaning of ventilation systems can increase efficiency by as much as 50% compared with systems that are not maintained.

Don’t be in digital denial

Take advantage of e-marketing. Google is more popular than the yellow pages. Create smart phone apps and loyalty programmes that can help you reach and connect with your customers.

Use an inventory tracking system

Avoid over-purchasing that creates spoilage and waste. Take an inventory frequently and adjust orders where necessary. Consider using an inventory tracking system that includes a system to analyse inventory levels, spending and predicting future needs.

Carry out a plate audit

Make a note of what’s coming back from the dining room and think about what you can do to reduce plate waste. Simple swaps can not only reduce waste but save you money too.