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Restaurants benefit from Auditel’s expertise

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know all about the day to day challenges of getting customers through the door. Competition is fierce, brand loyalty is fickle. To succeed, you need to keep both eyes on building and nurturing your core business.

Keeping track of costs

In most cases this means there is little or no time left for managing essential costs such as energy, telecoms, waste and other non-core expenditure. Left unchecked these costs may be undermining your hard won profits and in some cases presenting a very real threat to your business.

Take energy for example. Restaurants consume 7 or 8 times as much energy per square foot as most other businesses and, in our experience, are paying over 20% more for their gas and electricity supplies than they should be, year after year.

Cost Management for Restaurants

Auditel will work with you to lower your costs and free up working capital. Money that, for example, could enable you to upgrade the kitchens, pay for a national marketing campaign or install a new air-conditioning system.

An Expert View

We asked a few of our consultants what their experiences have been helping restaurant clients reduce their operating costs.

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Roast, a privately-owned restaurant, was opened in Borough Market, close to the City of London, nearly six years ago. Roast is dedicated to traditional British cooking using fresh seasonal produce sourced entirely in the UK.

Where can cost savings be made in the restaurant trade? We asked our network for some of their top cost cutting ideas ...

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£20 to £39 Average diner spend

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