Expertise : ICT

Top Tips for ICT Costs

Understand your needs and usage

Understand the services that your organisation has and how much they cost. Audit all lines you have for usage.

Check invoices carefully

Keep a sharp look out for billing errors. You may be surprised at the outcome.

Manage usage

Create sensible guidelines for how employees should use their phones and proactively monitor all usage.

Review contracts

Make sure that your organisation doesn’t automatically ‘roll over’ onto a new fixed period.

Read the smallprint carefully

Check carefully when offered bundled contracts that include calls and equipment – they may not offer the best value.

Monitor tariffs

Keep on top of the latest tariffs and make sure you are on the best one.

Choose suppliers carefully

  • Work with a supplier that specialises in and can demonstrate providing a service to your particular sector.
  • Check the customer service levels of an operator before engaging. Consider taking up references from existing customers.


Video conferencing can considerably reduce the need to travel and reduce associated costs.

Develop a procurement policy

Putting a procurement policy in place for future purchasing decisions could lead to immediate savings.

Implement a management reporting function

Generate detailed reports that can be distributed to management and users. Reporting is a great way to highlight usage policies.