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Information Communications Technology (ICT) is a hugely complex and rapidly evolving industry

ICT is one of the largest markets across Europe with an overall annual spend in excess of £140 BILLION.

In recent years ‘as a Service’ (aaS) cloud offerings have flooded the market and have seen a huge increase in terms of adoption within SME’s. However, just 20% of UK businesses had adopted any form of Unified Communications by the start of 2016. Though it is predicted that Unified Communications will near 100% market penetration by 2020 (PwC).

CIO’s and IT Directors are faced with numerous challenges as ICT becomes more strategic and critical, as such; these challenges have risen on the board room agenda, for example:

Improving efficiency and process

Over the past few years, concepts like remote working and Bring your Own Device (BYOD) have become increasingly more popular within a number of industries and continues to gain traction. We are able to work with your IT department to ensure that anyone working remotely or own their own devices have the right tools to be able to perform their role just as effectively outside of the workplace as they could inside.

Increasing productivity through technology

Enabling your users to complete their tasks and collaborate within teams using your ICT infrastructure will not only help boost productivity – but ensure that good ideas are built upon and potential opportunities are not missed. This can be delivered through Web based conferencing, IP telephony and other tools and technologies that are available that will help to harness that collaboration.

Network Security / Disaster Recovery

Hackers, cyber-criminals, Natural or man-made disasters are no match for the cloud. Auditel are able to assist with the consolidation of your hardware infrastructure, or work with you to become independent of hardware with the implementation of a virtual disaster recovery and business continuity solution.
Cyber security is no longer an option that companies can afford to ignore, especially when 4 out of 5 companies will experience downtime as a result of a Cyber-attack and with legislation becoming more stringent – the time to act is NOW.

Loss of Focus from Providers

There has been a huge shift in focus over the past 3 – 5 years as more service providers focus on the larger, multi-national businesses and the consumer market. The SME market is becoming a hugely underserved market.

Auditel’s network of Management Consultants are able to assist your organisation by working with you and your IT department to overcome these challenges; from making small process changes to improve efficiency through to system and infrastructure audit’s and more to ensure that your organisation is operating optimally. All the while remaining independent of suppliers to make sure you get the right solution for your organisation’s needs.

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