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Fuel for thought

Fuel is a topic that is an essential business cost for many business owners.

The type of organisation affected by fuel is wide and diverse, from a business with a fleet of cars or trucks, through to a remote boutique hotel that relies on the use of LPG.

A little knowledge…

Managing fuel and its consumption can be a minefield for those without access to the right skills, knowledge and processes. Get it wrong and you could face a potential host of pitfalls.

The Total Cost of Fuel

Auditel’s Total Cost of Fuel service is based on the principle that the development of a central fuel strategy is an essential first step that needs to be taken by any organisation that wants to take its fuel management seriously.

An Expert View

Has your organisation developed an effective fuel management strategy? Auditel's Total Cost of Fuel approach ensures there are no surprises when your fleet arrives at the pump. In the video above we spoke to a few of our cost management specialists to get their take on this cost area.

Fuel Whitepaper

A number of the Auditel Network contributed to this sector area, view the list of contributors.

Peugeot 308 1.6 HDi UK's most fuel efficient car in 2015
Petrol Stations Only 8600 forecourts in the UK

Facts and figures for fuel management.

How to save fuel costs in the transport sector? We asked our network for some of their top cost-cutting ideas ...