Expertise : Energy Management

Top Tips for Energy Management

Conduct an energy audit

Taking regular meter readings and comparing consumption over a number of months is a good idea. Better still ask an Auditel energy management consultant to do it for you.

Avoid simultaneous heating and cooling of a space

Set a ‘dead band’ of 5°C between heating and cooling, to avoid this happening.

Consider heating the building in zones

Allow heating to be adjusted for each area. Areas such as storerooms and corridors, or areas where there is a high level of physical activity, require less heat.

Ensure your boiler is regularly serviced

Heating costs can increase by 30% or more if the boiler is poorly operated or maintained.

Installing new high frequency fluorescent lighting

It extends lamp life and can often reduce consumption by around 25%.

Change standard light bulbs for efficient compact fluorescent bulbs

They have a longer life, lower maintenance costs and use up to 75% less energy.

LED lighting can provide substantial energy savings

LEDs typically have a long lifetime and will need less frequent replacement than many other lighting types.

Switch off computers at night and over the weekends

Their energy consumption can be reduced by 75% per year.

Place photocopiers in areas that are naturally ventilated

This will help avoid any air conditioning plant having to compensate for the associated heat gains.

Encourage employee buy-in

It’s no good fighting a lone battle; you’ll need everyone on board if savings are to be made. Consider appointing and energy champion to find new ways of reducing energy use.