Expertise : Business Supplies & Services

Top Tips for Business Supplies & Services

Check your bills

Do you check that your bills are correct? Pay attention to your non-core costs. Do you check for overcharges and unusual volume of usage? How do you know that printer ink cartridges aren’t going ‘missing’?

Have a clear understanding of what is being used

Understand what your non-core costs are. Ask yourself the question, Could I give a stationery supplier a detailed breakdown of the products that I purchase?

Less is more

Perhaps the most valuable tip and one that should be instilled in staff across the oganisation. Simple solutions include:

Change paper weight

Changing paper weight can significantly reduce overall paper consumption – moving from 100gsm to 80gsm is a 20% reduction.


  • Promotion of paperless office. Don’t print e-mails
  • Encourage two-sided copying and printing
  • Replace expensive bottled water with water coolers
  • BYO mugs and glasses and cut back on the expense of recyclable cups

Green Office

Recycling is a really quick win. Promote its benefits across the organisation. Provide recycling bins and choose minimally packed products.

Adopt a cost management culture

Appoint a cost management champion or set-up a team. Create a company policy for buying standards.

Beware the ‘F’ Word

‘Free’ never means free, it just means you will be subject to a different way of paying. ‘Free’ products and loss leaders may be subject to sudden and unexpected price changes

The Devil is in the detail

Read and understand the Ts &Cs, even though items may seem relatively inexpensive and incidental. You should still understand contract lengths, termination procedures and automatic rollovers.