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Stationery spend

The average staff member’s annual spend on stationery is £500

Office waste

Up to 70% of office waste is recyclable. However, less than 10% reaches recycling


  • 10L of water are required to make one A4 sheet of paper
  • UK market for stationery at manufacturers’ selling prices (msp) stood at an estimated 1.01bn in 2012
  • Demand has been falling across the product range, especially in terms of the paper and board stationery market (the largest sector), where the value has declined in excess of a third (by 33.8%) since 2008
  • The UK stationery market declined by 1% in both volume and current value terms through 2012, as the significant shift towards paperless activities took its toll on the market


  • 10million tonnes of packaging are produced each year
  • Over 60% of packaging is removed and recycled Office printers
  • Printer/toner cartridges can amount to 1/3 of annual spend
  • The desktop inkjet cartridge market was valued at USD $30.4 billion (£19 billion) in dealer revenue worldwide.
  • Inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet