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TOTs Work Smarter. Can You?

By 6th March 2012No Comments

A new breed of small UK businesses has embraced mobile technology to increase flexibility, productivity and profitability. And they’re successful, demonstrating impressive growth compared to other start-up businesses.

Dubbed TOTs (firms that are Twelve months old; have an Optimistic outlook on business; and are Technologically-minded), their enterprising executives run their operations via smartphones and engage in social media to network, raise product awareness and obtain real-time feedback on products and services.

Gartner, the leading IT analyst, predicts that 75 per cent of new business applications will use social media capabilities by 2013, much of it deployed through mobile devices. The benefits are clear. Accenture highlight that companies which invest early to harness the power of social media can generate returns as high as 20 to 1.

The capability of mobile technology extends far beyond social media. Business software company SAP forecasts that mobile devices will replace desktop PCs within a few years, pointing out that, already, sales of smartphones exceed those of PCs. Application development is geared towards using smartphones as primary computing devices, particularly with recent advances made in data synchronisation and cross-platform functionality.

Business and consumer access to mobile technology is increasing. Deloitte have predicted that, by the end of 2012, more than 500 million smartphones with a retail price of $100 or less will likely be in use worldwide. Swedish company Doro recently announced their first new smartphone offering simplified software, and aimed at helping senior citizens join the mobile internet revolution.

It’s not just TOTs that can benefit from mobile technology. Increased flexibility, productivity and profitability features on the list of goals of most companies. Is your business making the most of its existing mobile technology? Perhaps it’s over- or under-specified. Are you obtaining best value from your existing mobile fleet? Is fixed mobile convergence (FMC) right for you?