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Top 5 Tips on Reducing Telecoms Costs

By 17th April 2014October 5th, 2022No Comments

The phone is arguably one of your most important business tools. But a staggering amount is wasted every year by customers being on the wrong tariff. Making sure you are on the right tariffs is just one of the many factors you should consider when reviewing your telecoms costs.
Here are some top tips for reducing telecoms costs from Auditel Consultant Chris Bourke.

1. Understand your needs and usage
Make sure you know the services you are paying for, what they cost and what you are actually using!

2. Check invoices carefully
You may be surprised how often bills have errors on them.

3. Manage usage
Create sensible guidelines for how employees should use their phones and proactively monitor all usage.

4. Review contracts
In particular make sure your organisation doesn’t automatically ‘roll over’ onto a new fixed period.

5. Read the small print carefully
Check carefully when offering bundled contracts that include calls and equipment – they may not offer the best value.

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