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Areas of Expertise:

Energy consultant with more than 20 years’ experience across broad range of industries including, leisure, financial services, education, not for profit, publishing, manufacturing, professional services, travel and recruitment.


Vendor management and tendering, negotiation, project management and implementation, and all manner of data analysis and reporting whether as basis for implementing energy efficiency schemes or as part of obligations for energy legislation.

I am passionate about negotiating and passionate about great service. I will go the extra mile to ensure that my clients achieve the best possible pricing from suppliers, and that the service I provide is as responsive and informative as can be found in the industry. Some of the work that I do…

  • Energy procurement management for businesses with significant energy use across broad range of industries.
  • Management of all aspects of large multi-site energy portfolios.
  • Collation and production of energy data to satisfy legal reporting requirements e.g. CRC & ESOS.
  • Complete management of ESOS obligations on behalf of client businesses.
  • Energy consumption trend reporting and exception reporting as basis for improving energy efficiency.
  • Bespoke energy data analysis and reporting.
  • Energy purchasing strategy advice for fast growing and evolving businesses.
  • Return on investment analysis following implementation of energy efficiency schemes.
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10 Woodfield Avenue, London,  W5 1PA