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Titon is delighted to have joined forces with their Carbon Partner Auditel to deliver their objective of becoming Carbon Neutral while on their longer-term journey to reaching Net Zero.

Titon manufactures and supplies ventilation and window products – ranging from  powered ventilation products including whole house systems and extract fans to its signature Trimvent background ventilator, window handles, locking systems and hinge systems. As a manufacturer, Titon also invests heavily in research and development, which enables the company to use the latest technology to keep its products both innovative and cost effective.

Titon’s Head Office is in Colchester with full administration and marketing departments and a state-of-the-art manufacturing base at Haverhill, Essex, is home to the production and research and development departments. As you would expect, Titon places a strong emphasis on quality, testing and customer service and is also affiliated to a number of industry organisations.

In addition to its UK activities, Titon exports its products to a range of overseas markets. The USA market is supplied through its wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc. Elsewhere Titon has appointed distributors for its ventilation products in most major European markets. Titon works closely with these distributors to supply its products effectively and to support them in providing the high level of service synonymous with the Titon brand.

Keith Ritchie, Chair for Titon comments: “Reaching net zero is of paramount importance to Titon, not only as a responsible corporate citizen but also as a commitment to our customers and suppliers”.

In 2019 Titon, alongside other members of Beama (the trade association for the electro-technical industry in the UK) committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050 and to support the Government’s work to regulate for this target.

Titon also committed to reducing its own emissions and to work with its supply chain to reduce theirs.As climate change continues to exert its impact on the world,  customers are increasingly seeking energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions and requiring their own supply chains to do likewise.

Another key question that Titon is asked is “Does this company make the world a better place? We can point to the underlying purpose of our ventilation products, which is to improve indoor air quality for buildings’ occupants and to remove moisture, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds from those buildings. Providing clean air reduces respiratory illnesses and allergies for the occupants, with a benefit to public health.”

“Titon’s basic principles of our recycling policy is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”

Keith Ritchie continues. ”By striving to achieve net zero emissions, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also provide our customers with more sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

This not only aligns with their values but also positions Titon as a trusted partner in their pursuit of a more sustainable future.  Furthermore, our suppliers play a pivotal role in our value chain, and by setting ambitious net zero goals, we encourage and support them in adopting greener practices.  This collaborative effort to reduce emissions throughout our supply chain not only ensures the integrity of our products but also fosters a broader culture of sustainability in the industry”.

In recent years, Titon has taken action to reduce its environmental footprint and will continue to do so. Actions already taken include:

  • an investment of over £150,000 in solar panels, which are installed on the roof of our Haverhill factory. These panels continue to generate over 125 Mwh of electricity per year, which is used in the factory or sold back to the National Grid;
  • installation of LED lighting throughout the Colchester Office and the Haverhill factory;
  • replacing all diesel cars in the company car fleet with electric vehicles, wherever possible, when they come up for renewal. We have EV charging points installed at both the Colchester office and Haverhill site;
  • replacement of older fixed asset plant and machinery with new, more efficient units, for example the Amada Press which was purchased in April 2021
  • installation of a reverse osmosis plant in the paint facility, which has reduced the usage of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid by 50%, with an added health and safety benefit

Titon applies the waste hierarchy, as laid down in law, and which forms part of its ISO 14001:2015 certification. The basic principles are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and are incorporated in the Titon Recycling Policy under which we aim to reduce waste in all our packaging, products and processes.

  • we have an ongoing initiative to reduce single use packaging for raw material supplies and have replaced our own plastic packaging with either cardboard or recycled plastic, wherever possible;
  • we have a target to reduce waste to landfill from the Haverhill production site by 50% by end 2023, with a further goal of zero waste to landfill in subsequent years.