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“The Bottom Line” on the trail of the Devil

By 7th February 2012July 26th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Roz Hartley

Here we sit, camped out on the bottom line, increasing our client’s profit by reducing their costs.

An old boss of mine had a favourite phrase which he used over and over again. “The devil’s in the detail” he would spout repeatedly.. in fact, he said it so often that we began to question his sanity but recently I have been found muttering it to myself.

When we first sign a new client, one of the services we offer is a review of their past 12 month bills to ensure that no errors have occurred in billing and to see if any rebates are due. So this week, I have been knee-deep in telephone bills from a well-known provider (rhymes with E.T.) whose billing is always something of an enigma. In amongst the legitimate call data were some very strange numbers… calls which should have been capped were being charged at a much higher rate. This happened for a two day period on three lines.

I called a rather dour lady at said provider who was slightly reluctant to look at the line by line data but after I’d screamed “THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAIL” at her a few times, she knuckled down and could see why I was questioning things. Apparently, someone or something had cancelled the call plan and reinstated it a few days later so calls had, indeed, been mischarged. She didn’t say who or how but very quickly agreed to refund my client all of the mischarged calls. We’re not talking thousands of pounds but we all love a rebate!

So moral of the story… the devil is a cunning and wiley fellow but if you search the detail he can be tracked down. If you can’t face it… then I know a man who can (clears throat and directs reader to a man who can). All it takes is a little bit of prodding and poking, a pinch of tenacity and a soupçon of dedication… yes, dedication’s what you need (cue trumpet playing à la late, great Roy Castle……..)