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“The Bottom Line” coping with rejection

By 15th March 2012August 11th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Roz Hartley

I sat opposite a very nice IFA at a business breakfast the other day and was telling him what I do (he did ask, I promise). He chewed his sausage, thought about what I’d said and murmured… ”why would anyone NOT want your services? You must be run off your feet”.

That set me thinking about why some people turn us down. There are people out there who, quite simply, have their costs well and truly under control and don’t want us poking in their invoice cupboard. That’s fine, we understand that these people exist (I hate it when my husband tidies the Tupperware drawer).

Other responses we have less respect for. A perfect potential client muttered “I’m sure you could save me money but I simply haven’t got time to meet with you to find out”. Dare I say that that seems a little bit short sighted. Our initial meeting can be as short as 25 minutes. The same time it takes for a shower and a shave. Turn up one morning unwashed and bearded and you could squeeze in a quick meeting with us and potentially save thousands on your overheads.

Then there are those who think that they can do it themselves. They CAN do it themselves (it’s not rocket-science) but WILL they? They are busy people, running their own businesses with their time and focus being divided a hundred ways… but they do not want to share their cost savings with anyone, so they put ‘review overheads’ at the bottom of their TO DO list and think they will get to it one day. Meanwhile, those savings are slipping away.

To these people, I’ll send a little story, conjure a little scenario. I invite them all to my office in the middle of a large wood. My beautiful and exotic assistant (think Carol Vorderman without the ego and Debbie McGee with more curves) wafts a large briefcase filled with crisp banknotes under their noses. A puff of blue smoke, the money disappears and a gasp escapes from the audience. I step forward and announce that the money has been buried deep in the wood. It is there for them to take if they can find it. It might take weeks, perhaps months of digging and searching but they will probably find it eventually. Or they can ask for my help. With my knowledge, expertise and patience I will find it for them whilst they get on with running their business. They just need to agree to share it with me once found.