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Telecoms Savings Tips

By 5th November 2013No Comments

The phone is arguably one of your most important business tools. But according to Ofcom, “A whopping £4.8 billion is wasted every year by customers being on the wrong tariff.” Making sure you are on the right tariffs is just one of the many factors you should consider when reviewing your telecoms costs. Here are some top telecoms savings tips.

  • Look out for termination windows that trap you into automatic rollover contracts.  Long term contracts in particular can tie you into uncompetitive tariffs for several years. Put a reminder into your calendar so you don’t forget to terminate a contract and negotiate better rates!
  • Many people focus on headline call charges and don’t factor in minimum or call set up charges.  These can frequently double the effective cost of calls and change which offer gives you the best value!
  • Compare total costs including all fixed and call charges.  Monthly fixed charges for lines can make up a large portion of the bill so don’t forget to include these in the cost comparison!
  • Look out for lines or services no longer being used.  Cancelling these can make bigger savings than focusing on reducing tariffs!
  • Analyse the calls and look out for anything unusual!  Our favourites are calls to premium rate, timeline and directory services.  When directory services transfer a call, the charge can be 50 times higher than direct dialling!