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Target Housing is delighted to have joined forces with their Carbon Partner Auditel to deliver their objective of becoming Carbon Neutral while on their longer-term journey to reaching Net Zero.

Target Housing is a registered social landlord, providing high quality accommodation and support to the most vulnerable people in society including homeless peoples, asylum seekers, people with multiple and complex needs, survivors of domestic violence, people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Target Housing works closely with other specialist agencies and local community groups to deliver person centred and psychologically informed support. Our interventions are designed to empower people to capitalise upon their strengths and to address the barriers and disadvantages they face.

For some individuals this could mean help with their benefits, budgets and bills and for others it could involve support to address drug or alcohol dependence, strategies to better manage mental health issues or finding better ways to manage complex emotional trauma leading to self-harming behaviours. Target Housing offers housing and support without judgement. We aim to empower every individual in our services to increase their independence and quality of life.

Why it is important to Target Housing

As an ethical and community focused organisation Target have always tried to minimise our environmental impact. We hold the ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation and we have won Regional and National Energy Efficiency Awards for several consecutive years.

We aim for all of our properties to be as energy efficient as possible, with an energy rating of C or above, fitting double glazed windows, insulation and energy efficient boilers. We utilise energy saving measures – such as timers and booster switches on heating and we buy energy efficient appliances.

In our offices we have a movement sensors on lighting, booster switches on the heating and sleep-mode on computers to minimise wasted energy. We buy timber and paper products from sustainable sources and all our offices are working towards being paper-free.

All support staff have the capability to work remotely, minimising unnecessary mileage. We also have a car sharing policy and offer a cycle to work scheme. All of our maintenance vans meet Euro 6 low emissions, we utilise RAM tracking to minimise journey times and we will consider electric/hybrid vehicle options when the current leases expire.

“Target is committed to delivering current and future residents with sustainable homes supported by responsible business practices.  We aim to transition away from gas to lower carbon alternatives and improve the energy efficiency of our homes and offices.”

Steve Crane, Target CEO

Carbon reduction projects completed or have in the pipeline.

For years we have been committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we have done so in numerous smaller ways across all our properties and our offices, for example, we are committed to be a paperless organisation by 2024. Partnering with Auditel gives us the bigger steps we need to ensure we are doing all we can do to help the environment.

As a housing association and a landlord, we believe that reducing our carbon footprint is extremely important. Looking after the planet is just as important as looking after our customers and we are delighted to be working with Auditel to achieve our goal.

What we currently do

  • We supply and install booster switches on all our boilers in our properties and our offices (these are timers that turn
  • off the heating every 2-3 hours).
  • Where we can replace boilers we do so with A-rated ones
  • All our properties have double glazing
  • All white goods are disposed of through a committed recycling company
  • We provide recycling bins in all our offices and properties and our support workers work with our clients to aid them in using these.
  • We provide compost heaps where possible in our clients gardens.
  • Any lights that need replacing are replaced with LED bulbs
  • We provide our clients with eco friendly products
  • Chimneys are blocked off where possible.
  • Insulation in properties is checked to ensure it is meeting standards.
  • We provide clients and our staff with eco tips to help them help the environment.
  • We use 100% recyclable carpets and underlay- which helps noise pollution as well as acts as insulation to keep homes warmer.
  • All communal areas in our properties and our offices have push button light switches that are on timers.
  • We aim to be paperless by 2024