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17 Mar 2014

Do you know your DUOS from your TUOS?

David Powell If you’re responsible for a ‘large’ electric supply for your business you might have seen the acronyms DUOS and TUOS on your bills and wondered what they mean and – more importantly – why you are paying for Read on →

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15 Jan 2014

Fracking: What the fracks going on?

David Powell With the Government announcing that local councils who back fracking will get to keep more of the proceeds from operations in the UK, we thought it might be worth taking a look at the state of play, so to speak. Read on →

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27 Jun 2013

How do you get free mobile phone calls?

David Powell There have been a few announcements recently that have just served to strengthen the general trend towards ‘free’ (see later for an explanation of ‘free’) mobile communications we’ve all been seeing over the last few years. The likes Read on →

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