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Tackling Transport

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Gillian Gibbon

Is Transport one of your headaches?

In Auditel’s survey with Management Today, travel, transport and logistics ranked 3rd in the biggest Management challenges faced by UK organisations.

Vehicles and the running of a fleet, whether commercial vehicles, cars or minibuses, is one of the largest annual expenditures for many of our clients and ever rising and variable costs have become increasingly difficult to budget for. As well as financial considerations, there are many parties to satisfy, not least drivers and employees, as well as conveying the right image to customers.

Top 10 Fleet Management Strategies

I have compiled a Report on Fleet Management strategies to be considered in 10 key areas. These include:

  • Regularly reviewing your Fleet Policy – and what to consider.
  • Ensuring your Policy is comprehensive- and protects both the company and users.
  • Managing your “Grey Fleet”- any drivers using their own vehicles for business.
  • This is a minefield of Health and Safety issues, HMRC investigations and financial wastage.
  • When to purchase vehicles, when to lease using contract hire, when to consider flexible vehicle hire, or a mix of all options depending on the business need.
  • How to get best value on a leasing contract.
  • Choosing the right manufacturers.
  • Using technology to manage the fleet.

Addressing each of these areas should give you control of costs and peace of mind.

Control of Fuel Costs

Can you actually control volatile fuel costs, which are affected by global factors? Fuel costs rose 85% between 2003 and 2013 and you have no control over most elements of the pump price.

So what can you do?

  • You can review how you purchase your fuel using bunker fuel or fuel cards/bunker fuel cards.
  • You can determine which fuel card is right for your company’s needs.
  • You can measure savings by accurate management information provided by fuel cards.
  • You can benefit from extra management services from fuel cards.

As industry leaders our network of cost management consultants understand the complexities involved in managing business overheads. Contact us if you could do with our help tackling transport issues within your organisation.