For any business or organisation looking to improve efficiency, reduce waste and deliver sustained financial & non-financial benefits the Auditel proposition is a compelling one.

With its roots dating back to the deregulation of markets in the 1990’s Auditel remains a pioneer of strategic cost management and the effective delivery of impartial, informed procurement & supply chain solutions.

Prior to joining Auditel Stuart Spence enjoyed a 30 year career in Corporate & Commercial banking. He brings the experiences of working closely with clients as diverse as owner managers, SMEs, mid Corporates and PLCs and across an array of business sectors as well as the Not for Profit, Public and Third Sectors.

Throughout the 30 years Stuart developed longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships by adding value when needed, and every so often when not expected by clients. Nothing has changed. Helping businesses and organisations recover wasted resources, be it money, time or effort, for the benefit of their bottom line or improved operational ability fosters strong bonds with business owners and stakeholders.

It’s much more than just the bills…

Stuart Spence
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Spence Business Consultancy Limited

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Registered Office: 74 Taylor Green, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 8SX