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Stirling Medical & Scientific Ltd is delighted to be partnering with Auditel to help them execute their sustainability strategy to become Net Zero by 2050.

Stirling Medical are passionate about helping provide the best healthcare environment for nursing and healthcare support staff. With over 25 years’ experience of working closely with healthcare professionals, capital project managers, architects and main contractors throughout the country and with healthcare providers throughout the UK, they believe they can help ensure compliance with HTM and HBN standards and recommendations and get projects right first time.

John Glass, Director comments, “ While we are not a major emitter of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and has a limited direct environmental impact, we have an important role to play in setting industry standards and demonstrating best practices. Our efforts to enhance our environmental performance and reach Net Zero are described in this policy. In addition to our corporate commitments, we recognise the biggest difference we can make for the planet, is to continue to help our clients reduce their carbon emissions.

We are committed to doing this through the exploration and implementation of meaningful and measurable decarbonisation solutions. We are committed to improving our environmental performance and to leveraging our expertise, resources, and values to drive system-wide change for better business, better lives, and better solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Verified Carbon Neutral by 2035 and achieve Net Zero by 2050. This is founded on the core principle that by embracing new technologies and cost reduction programmes in a measured, balanced and progressive way, it is possible to achieve our net zero goal without a trade-off with continued growth. We believe that decisions that are directed by popular opinion and the loudest voices in the press, will normally lead to false expectations, an increased cost base and at worst, business failure.

It is clear that an overzealous approach can have the effect of incapacitating key national industries that cannot be replaced quickly and destroy our capacity as a nation to compete with global competitors to provide the products and services that are still needed and the same pattern can be found on a smaller, business to business scale.

At Stirling Medical we pride ourselves in providing top quality products and services. Working with NHS Supply chain it has become a requirement that we are able to verify that we are on the net zero journey. Therefore, partnering with a market leader in Carbon Accounting like Auditel that specialises in Carbon measurement and reduction is very important to us to ensure that the claims we make can be fully verified and able to withstand inspection.”