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Guiding organisations on their journey to Net Zero in a measurable, meaningful, and potentially self-funding way.

The UK has some of the most ambitious climate goals of any industrialised nation.  Their effects are fast filtering down every supply chain, impacting on progressively smaller organisations. A raft of recent CSR/ESG legislation – much of it from Europe – places new obligations upon businesses to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Even organisations who don’t directly fall within the scope of current regulations will almost certainly encounter them indirectly – maybe via a larger customer who is obliged to comply, or if participating in a tender for a public body (PPN 06/21).  There is also increasing pressure from stakeholders, investors and customers for organisations to make a commitment to the environment and be seen to fulfil it. The problem is – most organisations either don’t know where to start, or else they’ve embarked upon a course of action which might prove to have been ill-advised.

Emissions reporting and mitigation has added yet another consideration to already complicated management decision-making processes.  Navigating through overlapping and often conflicting concerns of price, security of supply, CSR/ESG compliance, stakeholder expectations and carbon reduction targets mean that every decision is now multi-faceted and can have unforeseen consequences.

My clients need someone to help them make sense of carbon reporting and reduction – what is vital, what is useful, and what might prove to be an expensive waste of time.  After that – they want a guide to lead them on their carbon journey.

I am trained in the delivery of PAS 2060:2014 including Carbon Foot Printing, Carbon Reduction Planning and Carbon Neutrality Consultation.  I am an Associate Consultant of the British Standards Institute and an NQA Partner Consultant.  I am trained to complete Energy Efficiency Assessments and have more than a decade of energy procurement experience.

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Delivering Carbon Solutions to REDUCE your EMISSIONS and COSTS

Despite challenging economic conditions, organisations need to drive profitability and growth whilst simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  For many, achieving carbon-neutrality or net zero will require investment in low-carbon technologies and changes to working practices.  Auditel can guide you through this process in the most cost-effective way possible.


We help our clients on their journey towards Net Zero by simplifying the process. We begin with a couple of easy steps, which could lead you to be verified as Carbon Neutral within 12 months, to an internationally recognised standard.

Using our procurement expertise, we make sure any actions taken to improve your environmental credentials have a strong and potentially self-funding business case, because we truly believe that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to cost the Earth.


With the UK Government’s commitment to a low carbon world, the drive to carbon neutrality and achieving net zero is dominating organisations’ future decision making. However, many organisations believe the changes that they will have to make to achieve net zero will be time-consuming, costly and with all the conflicting information, a little daunting. This is far from the truth, as there are many incentives to help businesses become greener and leaner without costing the earth.

Using Auditel’s simple 4 step process (shown below), we can help your organisation demystify and provide clarity to this complex subject of achieving net zero. We deliver expert guidance and resources so you can achieve a BSI recognised specification for carbon neutrality as soon as possible, while you progress on the longer-term net zero journey.

Auditel’s 4 Step Process to BSI PAS 2060 Verification 

Measure, Reduce, Offset, Verify  

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