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Can your business save money on stationery supplies?

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Dean Cooper

With everything else you spend money on for your business, the purchase of office supplies may seem like small change. It’s not.

Every year, businesses spend £millions on office products. Left unchecked, these expenses can significantly cut into your annual profit margin.

Every organisation, however big or small, needs their share of stationery supplies. The daily operation of your business requires the use of variety of stationery ranging from pens and paper to staples and print cartridges.

These stationeries amount to a major chunk of the office operational expenses. According to a recent survey, 20% of these expenses are excess expenses, which are not really required by a company. If managed properly, this operational cost can be reduced largely, thus, saving a considerable amount of money.

A pound saved is a pound earned. Everyone wants and needs to save money wherever possible. Even small steps and modification can save you a considerable amount, which can be utilised for other important expenses required in a business.

Are you tracking the acquisition of office supplies by item and quantity? This information is critically important in keeping a lid on your costs. Try maintaining a monthly log to identify any unnecessary expenditures or repeated purchases that would be more cost-effective if bought all at once. How much are you spending on items that aren’t truly necessary to support your business processes? The answer might surprise you.

Auditel work with over 3400 clients across the UK to reduce costs in many area’s including stationery, fuel, energy, water, telecoms and other business costs.

The Auditel service is completely self-funding and by outsourcing to an Auditel consultant, our clients benefit from an additional, specialist member of their management team without incurring any of the usual costs associated with in house resources.

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