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Small businesses look to cut costs in anticipation of lower public spending

By 16th November 2010No Comments

An interesting article on the Telegraph’s website yesterday estimates that small companies in the UK are already in the process of reducing their energy, comms and other utility costs by £1.68bn in anticipation of falling income as the governments spending cuts begin to bite. As the article demonstrates, and as our consultants see in practice every day, businesses of every size and in every sector of the UK economy can make significant savings on a whole range of overheads if they shop around. The trick to long-term savings, however, is to have the time and the knowledge not just to identify the best deals, but to implement and, most importantly, to regularly review them, not only when the economy is being squeezed, but when it’s booming too.

Small Businesses target £1.68bn in supplier savings – By Roland Gribben, 15th Nov 2011