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Although I have clients in many industries my own passion is the charity and care sector and Auditel work with a number of charities across the UK including World Vision, Marie Curie, Sense and many others to help them redirect resources from their overheads to frontline projects. We do this by helping them make better informed and more effective procurement decisions. This can take the pressure off of fundraising activities and help the organisations become more efficient and sustainable as well as support the finance team as we always ensure our clients are cash positive from our engagement. Our solutions are low risk and self-financing.

As part of the Auditel network I can call upon the support of over 100 procurement specialists who are all experts in their own field and we cover over 70 different cost categories, from energy to laundry, waste management to mobiles, office stationery to consumables. If a charity is spending money on it, we can manage it on their behalf and deliver greater value than they could achieve themselves. I bring these experts in on a project by project basis for my clients to give them the expertise just when they need it. Our procurement specialists work alongside our clients Finance, Operational & Procurement teams providing the external help their organisation requires to deliver business transformation and sustainability. This saves clients time, money and heartache and gives them complete peace of mind that their expenditure is under control and they’re always on the most appropriate deals that offer the best value. This allows them to do what they do best: focus on their charitable objectives.

I’m a proactive, results-based professional who specialises in achieving growth through strategic planning, and procurement and cost management. As an experienced business adviser, I use my extensive knowledge of bottom line management to promote business development, to encourage growth and innovation, and to help organisations thrive and reach their full potential.

I do this by helping my clients make more effective, better-informed procurement and strategic growth decisions. This cuts costs significantly, improves cash flow, increases profits, and frees up staff and management time. Moreover, I can do it with no direct cost to my clients, as the process is self-financing and low-risk. Often the work that we do on your behalf comes as no direct cost to your organisation and can be factored into the savings made or the contracts negotiated on your organisation’s behalf.

By blending strategic planning with cost management, I can help clients deliver improved performance on both income and expenditure. Charities usually focus on driving income upwards to improve services and deliver frontline projects. Very few, however, manage their costs effectively, assuming that they are on a ‘good deal’ without having reviewed suppliers to see if they are actually achieving best value for money.

Working with owners and senior management teams, I have supported more than 500 clients –including businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations – by providing expert knowledge and advice. In addition, I’ve formulated and driven strategies that have helped free up resources, reduce costs, improve sales and increase profitability.

I understand that planning for growth is unique to each individual company. The bespoke solutions I have been delivering for over 15 years have allowed the organisations I work with to undertake forward planning, tailored to their specific needs, and to formulate an action plan to guide the implementation of their future growth strategy.

Whether you are looking to achieve business growth or cost savings, or you wish to discuss the challenges facing your business or organisation, I would be delighted to talk to you. Please get in touch via the links on this page.

But don’t just take my word for it, you can view our case studies here to read about the many successes we’ve had working with charities & care homes.


Market Dynamics is a new series of white papers produced by Auditel that investigates the current impacts affecting different sectors across the UK and what they need to do to survive and stay ahead of the competition.


Here to help at this difficult time

These are extremely worrying times for many organisations and no business will be immune from the impending economic crisis. Many, many businesses and 3rd sector organisations will suffer. All of us will need to manage our cost base more effectively and may need to put emergency measures in place. Agility and resilience are now at the forefront of fighting this pandemic as we struggle with shortages, disrupted movement and suppliers just not able to function, not to mention a drop in income.

If you want to discuss how I may be able to support you in the current situation and find the right solution get in touch. The savings could help fund your staff costs during this difficult period.

Auditel's Charity & Care Case Studies

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