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Senior business consultant adds his expertise to the Auditel Management Consultancy

By 29th March 2018February 15th, 2022No Comments

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris, an experienced business consultant, has joined Auditel’s team of management specialists. Prior to joining Auditel, Ryan Harris spent several years in senior level roles in the construction industry, in posts such as Operations Director, and also ran his own consultancy business.

Ryan says: “These roles gave me the broad experience and in-depth knowledge of how organisations work from the bottom up; a perfect background for my Auditel work.”

No stranger to success, Ryan was impressed by Auditel when he initially contacted the local franchisee, Dean Cooper, to help with the cost management challenges of one of his businesses. “Dean was excellent when he worked with me,” Ryan says. “He is still on a retainer for the company, even though I have walked away! I was impressed by how he worked, and thought I wanted to do the same thing, so looked into what Auditel offer. When I realised it was something I could do, I dived in head-first.” Ryan adds: “Working with board level directors and business owners, I use my skills to support clients in many ways to help them become more streamlined and efficient. This embraces their overall business strategy and infrastructure, increasing their revenue and margins.

“Taking away outmoded aspects of their work allows greater focus on their core business areas. Changing the way they serve their customers can create greater value for them and enhance their company’s reputation.”

In 2016 and 2017, Auditel were named as the UK’s Strategic Cost Management Consultants of the Year by the International Business Innovation Association. This year, they were selected as The Franchisor of the Year. These awards are given in recognition to businesses that have made transformations for their clients over the year, setting clear industry trends and advances.