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When did you last review your Telecoms?

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Rob Andrew

The phone is arguably the most important business tool around. Just think, for a moment, of life without a deskphone or mobile. Peace! But also utter chaos!

So when did you last review your telecoms? Not just calling your provider and pushing for a better deal, I mean a thorough, professional analysis of your current and future requirements, followed by a comprehensive tender exercise with several suppliers. With constant changes of technology and price offers from the providers, changes in workforce practices and the rise of online media in shaping how we do things, it’s doubtful that solutions implemented even a couple of years ago, are still optimum, let alone cost-effective.

I get paid on results, for managing such projects, driving the hard yards doing the analysis, establishing requirements, coordinating tenders and implementing the chosen solution. Inspection of the first bills determines whether I get paid, or not.

The value of my service is measured in the increase in business efficiency and the reduction of financial waste that can be tracked in the financial statement. I improve cash flow, reduce working capital requirements and increase profits & shareholder value.

I get paid for hard cost savings; most people get paid for their time.

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