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Turning the print industry green – Tip 2

By 15th September 2014No Comments

Many printing organisations overlook how they can reduce their carbon footprint; this can be down to the expectation that all things green seem to cost more. Through a series of monthly blogs, we will be putting together some tips which will help printers to reduce their carbon footprint in an economical and effective way. Not everything green needs to cost more!

Business emission reduction.

An important first step for any print business is monitoring emissions. What is measured can be managed and what is managed can be reduced. The management and reduction of business carbon footprints can have a massive impact on the tackling of climate change. It is also a great opportunity to improve efficiency of your business and your bottom line.

Highlighted below are a few things you and your employees can do to reduce emissions across the wide spectrum of your business:


  • Install recycling bins in the staff kitchens.


  • Where possible, use video conferencing facilities or telephone;
  • Plan ahead and combine trips;
  • Use public transport.

Employee Schemes:

  • Set up an environmental champion group, to promote energy efficiency within your business;
  • Encourage home working. This can both increase staff retention and improve morale;
  • Install bike racks, showers and cloakrooms to encourage staff to walk, run or cycle to the office.

Car Fleet:

  • Review company car/van fleet for efficiency;
  • Keep motors/vans maintained – if not maintained regularly it can add up to 5% more on your fuel costs;
  • Use high efficiency motors. These qualify for tax relief as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (consider this when renewing vehicles).


  • Ensure office/factory is well ventilated;
  • Make sure heating does not come on in empty parts of the building;
  • Do not block radiators;
  • Keep hot equipment such as photocopies away from cooling vents;
  • Place thermostat away from drafty areas;
  • Maintain heating equipment regularly – this could save you up to 10% on your overall heating bill.

Supply Chain:

  • Manage your supply chain; ask what your suppliers and distributors are doing on green issues.