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rachel whitehouseRachel Whitehouse, an experienced business advisor with decades of blue chip consultancy expertise, has joined Auditel’s team of management specialists.

Prior to joining Auditel, Rachel spent twenty years as a Senior Business Advisor with leadership roles in Big 4 consulting firms; financial services companies as well as spending time running her own consultancy business. Rachel says: ‘my work has contributed to increased profitability through strategic business development and implementing change across diverse businesses from fintech to established global brands’.

Rachel adds: “I am currently focused on advising senior teams in business and the charity and education sectors, to meet their most pressing challenges. With Auditel’s highly qualified and knowledgeable network, I can help you to protect your business, innovate and release cash for the development of your organisation. This includes given access to high quality consulting to SME clients based in the UK around AI/Robotics; Brexit and GDPR, to enable profitability and business continuity.”

Founded in 1994, Auditel’s experts come from a wide range of professions, commerce and industry. They deliver the highest standards of consultancy and analysis to FDs, CEOs and business owners to stimulate growth, deal with unusual challenges and solve any problems that might have arisen.

By working with a single specialist or a team managed by a lead consultant, over 3,000 clients have gained access to the experience, skills and knowledge within the network.

In 2016 and 2017, Auditel were named as the UK’s Strategic Cost Management Consultants of the Year by the International Business Innovation Association. This year, they were selected as The Franchisor of the Year. These awards are given in recognition to businesses that have made transformations for their clients over the year, setting clear industry trends and advances.