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Progressive are delighted to announce that they have started their carbon journey with their new carbon partner, Auditel, with the strategic objective of reaching net zero.

James Rayner, Director for Progressive comments, “We are the go-to provider for many of the south west’s construction companies, architects and property groups seeking the highest standards in safety, quality and design. Our services cover everything you need to fully protect and insulate your building, from roofing and cladding to coatings and maintenance.

We know a thing or two about commercial roofing and cladding. That’s because we’ve been serving the southwest for the last 30+ years, partnering with leading construction companies, architects and property groups. While there are other roofing and cladding suppliers out there, none possess the combined benefits that we bring to a project. We’re constantly looking to raise the industry’s standards in terms of design, quality and safety.

The output from our Technical Design Team is second-to-none making our clients’ job easier with our can-do approach and transparent communication. We’re renowned for our reliability and honesty. With the advice and help from Lee Freeman of Auditel, we have started our incredible journey toward Net Zero. With Lee’s support, we’re learning how to measure our carbon footprint, which will give us our base line that we can work to continually improve each year.

Together, with the help of our supply chain, our goal extends beyond reducing our carbon footprint. We’re actively shaping a more sustainable future, one step at a time. It’s empowering to see Progressive making a real environmental difference, and we cannot wait to start seeing the significant reductions we are going to make!”

Auditels’ Carbon Auditor, Lee Freeman comments, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the whole Progressive team. They have unbelievable passion and a level of expertise that is second to none. They are committed to ensuring that they reduce their emissions and I look forward to getting their carbon footprint mapped out so they can help identify any hot spot within their operation so together we can work on producing a detailed carbon reduction plan that will make a meaningful difference and help them on their journey to Net Zero.”