Rebuilding your business’s cash resources

Let us shine a spotlight across the costs your business incurs on telecoms, multi functional devices and energy.  This exercise will not only help you unlock hidden profit in your organisation it will also free up cash that is currently being wasted. Identifying this wastage and redirecting this scare resource can not only help secure the long term future of the business in these challenging times but can also help regain market share and help achieve a competitive edge.

Auditel has a proven record of delivering improved cash flow.  The aim of engagement is to ensure that our clients receive best value from their supply chain, improve supplier relationships, strengthen their negotiating position and improve efficiencies and process. 

By focusing on 3 common costs that nearly every organisation incurs, you will receive a detailed benchmark diagnostic report where each of these cost areas has been individually analysed by an experienced Auditel procurement expert with years of experience in that particular area of spend.  

Our experts will provide commentary on your organisation’s performance in these areas and will utilise a traffic light system to assess your performance.

  • Poor (red) – underperforming – potential for large savings
  • Fair (amber) – average performance – unlikely to be large savings
  • Good (green) – overperforming – no opportunity for savings

Each cost will be assessed on the following metrics:

  1. Prices
  2. Quality of service
  3. Contractual Obligations
  4. Supplier reputation
  5. Sector trading conditions
  6. Comparison with peers


Simply fill in the contact form below, with details of your annual spend in these three areas.  I will sign an NDA committing to keep confidential the data and information you share with me and will be in touch to arrange an initial 15 minute call to understand your spend in these areas and obtain the latest invoice in each of the categories.


  • We know all the sizeable suppliers in the market
  • We know what your peers are paying for a similar service
  • We know what a good market rate looks like
  • We have expertise in over 100 cost categories so can offer a truly comprehensive review
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