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Pro-Logist are pleased to announce that with their carbon partner Auditel, they are committed to providing their clients with accurate and verified scope 3 data.

Pro-Logist Ltd. is a leading logistics provider, boasting a team with over 35 years of combined experience in the industry. Their core mission is to provide unmatched service and become a vital part of their clients’ teams. Pro-Logist do more than just transport goods; they actively support their clients in launching new products by navigating international customs regulations, expanding markets by understanding local policies, and assisting in the procurement of essential documentation and harmonised tariff codes. Their expertise lies in tackling challenges that fall outside their clients’ primary business areas but within their specialised knowledge. Committed to their clients’ success, they also collaborate to develop strategies for a more sustainable approach to operations.

Managing Director, Silvia Tarchi comments, “Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint is important to us, as a team and our customers, for several reasons. It is important for us to provide our clients with accurate and verified scope 3 data going forward. Although current regulations may not yet mandate this information, it will be essential to have it readily available as regulations tighten in the near future. By measuring and reducing our carbon footprint now, we can ensure that we have the necessary data to meet future demands and provide our clients with valuable insights into their environmental impact. Additionally, as a team and as individuals, we are committed to taking the necessary steps now, as small as they might be in the beginning, towards a more environmentally friendly future within our industry.

By understanding and addressing the carbon footprint associated with our shipments, we can actively work towards finding and pushing for more sustainable solutions. This not only benefits our company and our clients but also contributes to a larger effort to reduce our overall environmental impact. Overall, measuring and reducing our carbon footprint is important to us because it allows us to provide valuable data to our clients, actively participate in sustainability efforts and ultimately work towards a more environmentally friendly future.”

Carbon Reduction Projects

Silvia Tarchi continues, “One of our primary long-term goals in this initiative is to develop a digital tool that not only provides accurate and valuable data to understand the carbon footprint, but also selects the optimal route considering various client preferences such as environmental impact, time constraints, and costs for their shipments. This tool will allow clients to prioritise these factors while also establishing monthly and annual greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Both the client and we will receive monthly reports tracking goal achievement, fostering accountability and transparency. By emphasising transparency and honesty, we believe that accountability for decisions and understanding their environmental impact are crucial drivers for change. Through this approach, we aim to instigate meaningful change and foster a collective responsibility towards environmental sustainability.

Working with Auditel as our carbon partner is integral to achieving our vision at Pro-Logist. Their expertise in the field provides us with access to industry-leading experts who can guide us in understanding the regulatory landscape specific to logistics, ensuring compliance and sustainability. Auditel took the time to understand our business and our goals.  They  identified individuals with the necessary expertise in particular areas, from ISO compliance to carbon emissions calculations, and built a multi person team to meet our requirements. Auditel’s commitment to meaningful work and data verification aligns perfectly with our goal of accurate and reliable carbon footprint measurement to drive regulatory compliance and reduction strategies.

By partnering with Auditel, we gain the necessary knowledge and resources to enhance our sustainability efforts and uphold the high standards we strive for in our service to clients. Moreover, their support in comprehending our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, as well as preparing for ISO certifications, positions us for long-term success in our sustainability journey.

As of now, there is limited progress in the logistics sector towards driving sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While some organisations may be starting to implement certain projects and concepts in this area, there are not many comprehensive solutions currently available. Auditel will help us focus on collecting accurate data and promoting innovation in sustainability within logistics, we aim to establish a strong foundation for reducing our carbon footprint. We believe that as we embark on this important journey, our competitors will also be inspired to join us in driving sustainability initiatives and fostering innovation.  We are enthusiastic about the potential for this collective movement to drive positive change in the industry.”