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The Print Management Problem

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Gillian Gibbon

Many organisations that we visit have one cost area which is often ignored as nobody knows quite what it is costing them and what to do about reducing the costs or getting a better service. It is that of print management and copiers.

Usually printers and copiers have been added over time and there is a mix of machines and a large range of expensive consumables in the stationery cupboard to supply them. There could be a mix of leases in place or even some leased and some purchased machines which may be difficult to consolidate. There is rarely any understanding of whether all the machines are needed now and the cost of running them.

Equally there are few statistics available to assess how often they are “out of service” due to malfunction or simply running out of toner.

And then there are the phone calls from photocopier sales teams…… Does this sound familiar?

This area of procurement is extremely time consuming, complicated and often stressful and can lead to years of financial problems if a poor decision is taken.

Have you been offered a PRINT AUDIT and what does it mean?

Many suppliers will offer to do a free Print Audit to measure your volumes and usage and then make a sales proposal based on that.

A Print Audit is a good idea but should be carried out by an independent third party and not by a specific supplier. A Print Audit should provide an accurate representation of your current costs and usage. Rather than figures that “fit” a solution provided by a supplier.

If you had 3 different sales companies providing 3 Print Audits then the possibility is that all figures will be different to match different proposals.

An independent Print Audit will give you accurate costs and volumes upon which to benchmark and and may even state that your current way of working is the most cost effective!