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Turning the Print Industry Green

By 29th August 2014April 4th, 2019No Comments

Many printing organisations overlook how they can reduce their carbon footprint; this can be down to the expectation that all things green seem to cost more. Through a series of monthly blogs, we will be putting together some tips which will help printers to reduce their carbon footprint in an economical and effective way. Not everything green needs to cost more!

Reduce Energy Consumption

There are many and varied ways that printing companies can reduce their energy usage. One very simple and underused method is to see whether or not equipment can automatically be activated to switch to stand-by mode when not used for set periods of time, such as lunch breaks, overnight or at weekends.

Another good tip is to have a mind set to factor in energy costs when purchasing new equipment for the business; consider the following:

  • when you buy a new machine, choose the most energy-efficient model that meets your production requirements;
  • ensure that machines are set up and operated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations on energy efficiency and ensure all users know the correct settings;
  • can the machine be turned off manually at night time or over weekends?

You can also cut energy costs by:

  • making sure staff turn of lights when leaving their work zones or premises;
  • switching off mobile charging devices when not in use;
  • utilising multiple power points that have one switch to turn off;
  • installing smart and localised lighting controls throughout the premises, such as movement detectors in infrequently occupied areas – e.g. washrooms, storage rooms and staff kitchens;
  • installing insulation for doors, windows, roofs and walls.

Many of the technologies your business could employ to reduce energy use may be eligible for tax allowances under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.