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Portable Space are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with their Carbon Partner, Auditel, to deliver on their strategic objective of reaching Net Zero.

Portable Space is a multi-award winning UK supplier of shipping containers & conversions; portable cabins, modular buildings & steel storage containers. Mark Dolman, Managing Director, comments, “Having recently moved into our new PSHQ, we have already taken significant steps to reduce our carbon emissions from transitioning to renewable energy sources such as solar power, implementing rainwater harvesting and having LED lighting, we also added electric car charging ports to promote electric vehicles in the workplace.

Having implemented these improvements, we are keen to increase the use of renewable energy sources within the business operations. Making transportation efficiency improvements wherever possible and launching new products onto our hire fleet that embrace new technologies and innovations contributing to reducing carbon emissions such as our Solar Space products. We understand in order to achieve our goals that encouraging and involving employees in all sustainability efforts is crucial.

Working with our Carbon Partner, Auditel, is key to getting the best results for our carbon accounting; emissions reduction strategies and sustainability practices. Their expertise and guidance will be vital in order for us to stay informed about evolving environmental regulations and can help our business ensure compliance. Being experts in this field, Auditel will assist in accurately measuring and assessing the carbon footprint of Portable Space, ensuring that our carbon reduction initiatives are accurately measured and reported.

At Portable Space, we are committed to the environment. We want to meet the growing demand from customers for environmentally friendly products and ensure our customers have choices that align with their own values and preferences. We want to aid the long-term business viability by addressing environmental challenges and contributing to a sustainable future for both the business, our colleagues and customers.

We are aware of some other organisations in our sector starting their journeys and hope as an industry, we can all contribute to making a positive impact to the environment. Our customers are increasingly considering the environmental impact of products and services and it is important to us that we can demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

We have installed solar power and rainwater harvesting into our new PSHQ. Having installed electric car charging ports we have also added an electric car to our fleet. We continue to challenge our own consumption of goods and services and promote recycling and reusing materials. We have also added a new range of products for our customers which are solar powered.”